Crêpe Fear

I have a pepper thing that I’ll post tomorrow if we have power, but in the meantime, for all you non-Northeast dwellers, here’s a picture of a crêpe filled with apricot jam and topped with maple-calvados tinged whipped cream and the last fall raspberries. I’m slowly weaning the family off of pancakes and getting them into the many versatile joys of crêpes, especially the one savory and then one sweet format that makes for a pretty satisfying brunch.

Cup and a half of flour, same of milk, three eggs, half a stick (or more, if you want) of melted butter and a fat pinch of salt. Whisk it all together hard until frothy. Let it rest for half an hour if you can, then ladle it into a buttered iron skillet and tilt it around to spread into a thin circle. Flip it when the bubbles fix on top. Schmear half with filling, fold twice, top if applicable, eat. Makes about 8.

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  1. October 30

    This is your last post since yesterday, which I assume you have no power? Hope that’s not the case. I was spared, but I know much of my neighborhood wasn’t so lucky. Hope you can at least still make these crepes with a gas stove.

  2. November 2

    So simple, yet so amazingly delicious. Nice photo, too, making me hungry over here!

  3. EL
    November 3

    Not afraid of them. Never have been. We used to modify our sourdough pancake recipe all the time to make crepes. It was easier than your recipe and kept the sourdough alive. You can put anything in a crepe and a sourdough crepe is a bit more elastic than most (meaning you can actually use it as a wrap if you like). I don’t have any sourdough so I haven’t done it recently. . .

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