Substrate, No Chaser

One of the very best ways to feature choice morsels from the garden is on a tangy sourdough crust. I used my standard recipe, but with dried yeast added and a good hard kneading since it was a same-day affair. The one above had asparagus, garlic scapes, and bacon, which I sautéed well before topping it.

There was also a spinach and green garlic pie–with the toppings also wilted thoroughly beforehand in the same pan, using the bacon fat–and this one, with Gascon saucisse:

Along with a huge salad and a cold rosé, there is truly nothing better to complete a spring evening. All tastes and constituencies were delighted. If you haven’t tried the dough yet, give it a shot. It makes everything so much better.

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  1. June 13

    Yeah, I need to do that soon. We haven’t had pizza in a long time.

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