Miso Butter

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this recent preparation reminded me how good and useful the combination is for so many applications. Equal weights of butter and white miso (or any other kind; I just like the smoothness for mixing) at room temperature, slathered on the substrate of your choice and then roasted, will yield a gratinesque carapace of maillarded umamitude that has to be tasted to be believed. This example is mahi-mahi, but it works just as well on potatoes, mushrooms, kebabs, carrots, cauliflower–you get the idea. I added some smoked paprika to this for a nice smoky note and redder color, and dijon mustard is also an excellent addition, especially for poultry and meat. Now that it’s fresh herb season, a generous handful of minced whatever would also be a terrific way to customize the flavor in one direction or another. It’s also an excellent thickener for sauces (whisk it in right at the end).

Now that I’ve made myself salivate, I need to go scare up some lunch.

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