Big News

It’s been very hard to keep this a secret, so I am thrilled to finally announce that my first book will be published this summer. I’ll have lots more details in the near future, but for the time being I simply want to say how gratifying it is that years of research and hard work have paid off. I especially can’t wait to recount how one very late, very drunken night at Per Se led to garnering an introduction by the most revered chef in America. I have a galley copy for one lucky reader who leaves a comment below before midnight tonight EST.

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  1. April 1

    HOly hell! That’s AMAZING! I am so so so happy for you Peter. And I want that book. But of course, I’m cemented myself at not winning because I’m first to comment. Oh well.

    Wooo hooo!

  2. April 1

    Fantastic Peter! Congrats to you.

  3. April 1

    Well if this isn’t the s^^t. Well done Peter!

  4. April 1

    Well apparently you ARE too cool to hang with us after all!!!!! First France now this! 😉

    Yep, I totally want this!

    Kudos Peter! This is a fantastic, ok holy fucking amazing, accomplishment

  5. April 1

    Congratulations, Peterz,

  6. Laurie Marr
    April 1

    What an accomplishment! Can’t wait to read it!

  7. April 1

    Felicidades! can’t wait to see it.

  8. April 1

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Congrats Peter! WOO HOO!

    I’m hoping I persuade you to come up to Saratoga or Troy for a book talk/signing with my food swap group. crossing fingers!!!!

    Looking forward to reading it…

  9. April 1

    Nice! To say the least!

  10. April 1

    Congratulations, Peter. Hard work sometimes pays off!!!

  11. Claire
    April 1

    Well done, congrats!

  12. April 1

    Hey, wait a minute, Buddy. Is this an April Fool’s joke?

  13. April 1

    I love the cover.

  14. Krista
    April 1

    Oh! I’d love to see what’s inside!

  15. Eve
    April 1

    dude! that is awesome!!!

  16. April 1

    heheheheh… what’s so sad is it should be true…

  17. laura h
    April 1

    Yay! Even if it is an April Fools Joke. 😉

  18. April 1

    That is fantastic! Congratulations! It’s nice to see a cookbook coming out by someone who can _actually_ cook!! Genius!!


  19. Melanie Campbell
    April 1

    Congratulations!! More people should be reading what you write. I love the cover.

    I hate to be cynical, but if this IS an April Fool it was the best kind.

    I would love to read any book by you.

  20. Andrew
    April 1

    Congrats, what is the topic?

  21. April 1

    EXCELLENT! Many congratulations!

  22. April 1

    No one more deserving than you: a person who has both intimidated and inspired me to expand my kitchen prowess… And hoax or no, I’m sure many tomes will come from you in the future as well!

  23. jonquil
    April 1

    Congratulations! What a wonderful way to start Spring off 🙂

  24. April 1

    Although you very much would be a TREMENDOUS cookbook author, and I daresay television personality…I’m going to register myself as “not fooled” by this April Fool’s prank. The sinister book cover is what gives it away. As well as the fact that you would have spilled this instantly, not waited!

    Good one though, nicely done.

  25. Hannah
    April 1

    It would be a good read, I’m sure.

  26. April 1

    Well, you sly fox, you! To keep _such_ a secret is really amazing! Congratulations, Peter, and bon voyage!

  27. April 1

    My book is coming out too. It’s called ‘Gullible: Not in the Dictionary’. Well played Mr Barrett. Well-played.

  28. April 1

    that’s so great!
    I just started following your blog recently and have always admired the writing as much as the recipes.

    I sincerely hope this isn’t an April Fools- b/c I want to read!!

    congratulations! woop woop :o)

  29. Sean
    April 1

    What an auspicious day for this news!

  30. bunkie
    April 1


  31. Rick Angell
    April 1

    Yeah, yeah I bet this isn’t the first time some one met Rachel Ray at the end od a drunken night.

  32. Leslie
    April 1

    HUMMMM …. Did the PIG get out of the barn, or is it just an aprils fools day prank! Either way I’m not taking a chance ….if the book isn’t written you better get busy because now we have to have one.

  33. Andrew
    April 1

    We salute you.

  34. Pat
    April 1

    Too cool! Congrats Peter!!!!

  35. April 1

    ohhhh ouiiii!
    cannot wait to read it
    and encore bravo for the drunken night at the right time in the right spot with mr.keller!!!!
    who gets to be lucky reader???

  36. tram
    April 1

    Could I be the lucky winner?

  37. Tanya
    April 1


  38. Chris F
    April 1

    Best news of the week! And nice work on the title. Amazing!

  39. Elizabeth
    April 1

    It makes perfect sense that your fantastic writing will reach more people! I’m thrilled for your!!

  40. Jay M
    April 1

    April Fools or not, it’s a pleasure reading your culinary ideas on this blog and I’d welcome a book by you any day!

  41. Tech
    April 1

    A comment.


  42. Vicki
    April 1

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it!

  43. Heather
    April 1

    It’s about fucking time.

  44. Jane Sapp
    April 1

    Let it be me! Congrats!!

  45. Ray T. Masterson
    April 1

    WOW! Good going Peter. Thomas Keller! You really do travel in a rarefied atmosphere. We are all proud of you.

  46. Deirdre
    April 1

    Great title!

  47. April 1

    I’l be impressed when you land the AMEX and BMW ads.

  48. April 1

    Congratulations, Peter!

    I’m very glad to see that your passion has led to this. I cant wait to read it.

  49. parvaneh Holloway
    April 1

    Congratulations, Peter! This is great news.

  50. April 1

    That’s a damn good cover photo!

  51. April 1

    I just found your blog last week and I’m pretty sure you’re my hero. Super pumped about the book. Congrats!

  52. April 1

    A coup by the winner of Charcutepalooza! I guess that win was very meant to be. Congratulations on the book, Peter!

  53. April 1

    PS If you do a book signing in Seattle or anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest, please let me know and I’ll be there to pick up a copy. If, for some bizarre reason, you want to do book signings in Spokane and north Idaho, I’ll be happy to help arrange those opportunities. Congrats again!

  54. Congratulations Peter. You write so well, and what you do with your food is so creative I am sure that this will be a seminal book…I can’t wait to see it.

  55. Betty Hawkins
    April 2

    Fabulous news, Peter! If you have a book signing in Washington DC, I’ll bring along my cookbook club to show them that the guy we met in Little Cayman is for real!

  56. Scotto
    April 2

    Well deserved!

  57. Don Hawkins
    April 2

    Congrats, Peter. Betty’s cookbook club is filled with some heavy hitters I’m sure you would enjoy meeting. Hope we find you in DC soon.

  58. Peter
    April 2

    When I put this together a few days ago it seemed so absurd (goat horns, Keller intro) that I figured nobody would fall for it. The fact that so many of you did, and were so happy for me, really means a lot. I have learned two things from this:

    1. I should get a real book deal so you don’t all hate me. If I do, one of you will win a free galley copy of it.

    2. That I should make stuff up more often. I finally understand why Fox news gets such good ratings.

  59. April 2

    Now that looks like I book I would actually like to buy! Awesome news.

  60. Mem
    April 2

    Congrats! Super cool….yay!

  61. April 2

    The cover looked so realistic and I know you were in California last year, so you might well have met Keller. Oh, well, at least you learned how many people are lurking out there and not commenting…

  62. April 2


    I’m guessing we all get a big discount, even though the last thing we all want to see is yet another celebrity cookbook 😉

  63. Grace
    April 2

    Will your book be available in Canada? I’d love a copy.

  64. April 2

    Wait: you DON’T make stuff up very often?

  65. April 2

    Congratulations! I SO want a copy! Pick me.

  66. April 3

    I can’t wait to read
    your book!!
    Hope it’s sooner rather than later!

  67. 2 things.

    You should get a book deal

    You shouldn’t make stuff up

  68. Melanie Campbell
    April 3

    When you do write a book, I know it will be great. I will be copies to everyone I know. I hope we don’t have to wait too long.

    Thank you for the April Fools joke. I read it as soon as I turned on my computer on Sunday morning. I totally believed it, it made just enough sense.

  69. Carla B.
    April 4

    I’m switching my RSS feed to Pioneer Woman’s blog.

    • Peter
      April 5

      I die.

  70. April 6

    I was completely suckered! Fun prank – but I would still buy your book.

  71. April 10

    Ha!!! I was writing this whole comment, being so excited for you, actually thought the cover seemed fitting and funny…and then I looked at the date. Damn you! And yes, you better write us all a book now!

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