Are You Going To Finish That?

This month in Chronogram I take a look at a diner in Hudson that happens to be the first Animal Welfare Approved restaurant in the country. It’s an excellent model for making rigorously sourced food available to just about anyone.

Photo by Jennifer May

9 comments to Are You Going To Finish That?

  • I’d kill a bitch to eat here.

  • Peter

    A local, humanely raised, grass-fed bitch, right?

  • Great article. Wish they were in Pittsburgh….

  • Peter

    Every town should have one.

  • It is run by my wonderful friends at Grazin Angus… I have been in love with their meat for years now, courtesy of Union Square Market in NYC. Still haven’t made it up for a visit but look forward to it!!

  • Peter

    You should let me know when you’re coming; we could meet there.

  • I liked this blog!
    thenk you.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for the write-up! I am a recent (one year) vegetarian mostly because of issues with factory/industrialized farming. Since, when eating out (including in others’ homes) you basically have no choice regarding how your food is provided, it was easier to just say no entirely. I live somewhat locally and would love to support this restaurant. (And my kids still love a good hamburger- how much better I would feel if it were one of theirs.) Sadly, Chronogram was offered for a very brief time in Albany ( just long enough for me to find it and really like it) and then it was gone. I am really happy to have found your blog, that you are a local boy (I assumed you were from California…), that you are passionate and unapologetic in wanting to eat well, and that you are a painter/artist and paid writer. You are living my dream. Keep it up!!!

  • jay

    idrove all the way there and they where closed, so i went back, for the price i could go to a real diner. ps your fries are soggy.

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