Matcha Man

We just got back from Vermont, so while I edit photographs and figure out what to write about here’s a little taste of a luxurious benefit to having no power and thus no espresso machine for days after Irene.

I broke into a special can of matcha I bought a while back and enjoyed the hell out of it every morning, whipping up nice frothy cups which I drank while eating medjool dates, an ideal sweet to accompany the tea. Little cookies are a traditional part of the tea ceremony, but dates are superb, balancing the gentle bitterness of the drink.

It’s sensual yet austere, decadent yet healthy, a calming ritual and a caffeinated bump all at the same time. And, as with all such things, the extra few bucks I spent on this bag made for a big difference in the quality over what I usually get. You may not always get what you pay for, but you never get what you don’t pay for.

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  1. September 10

    And then you can shave with it.

  2. December 3

    Mmmatcha. I love tea. I first became a little obsessed with green teas when I tasted good stuff from a good tea merchant. I haven’t tried matcha though. I’d like to try drinking it, and I’m also keen to try using it in desserts & confections. My current tea obsession is Doomni estate Assam, barely sweetened with honey or maple, and milky.

    Where in VT do you visit? I live near White River Junction; maybe we can meet for an en-route picnic and share charcuterie 🙂

    • Peter
      December 3

      Londonderry. Not too far. I get my matcha from ippodo, though along with some friends I have switched over to Chinese green teas since Fukushima.

  3. December 3

    Not far at all. Maybe we can meet when it warms up in the spring, and eat some good food. Cheers!

  4. G J
    June 3

    Where did you buy the Doomni Teas ? I tasted some recently … Fantastic tasting notes … Never seen anything remotely close to this ever. Would want more.


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