Where Has All The Flour Gone?

Bread season is in full effect. There’s nothing that warms up a kitchen (and by extension a house) like a loaf of bread baking in a hot oven. The smell quickly fills the house, and makes one grab butter from the fridge in anticipation.

This time around, lacking any white flour, I just sort of threw together a mixture of whole wheat, spelt, and rye. Once risen and shaped, I put some flax seeds on top for nutrition, flavor, and general seedy appeal. It came out very nicely–so nicely, in fact, that I’m going to make another one since I still haven’t gone to pick up the 10 lbs. of 00 flour I ordered from Don via Jennifer.

And, as with all bready posts, I have submitted this to yeastspotting, because they are pretty much a cupcake-free zone.
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  1. November 20

    After years of looking, I finally found a local source for 00 flour (hey – an actual benefit to working in Baltimore!). My pizza crust is much, much happier.

    • Joshua
      November 30

      Jill Smith–what’s your Baltimore source for 00 flour? would love to get some local 00 flour for the pizza maker in my life -j

      • December 1

        Hey Joshua – Trinacria on Paca St. – http://www.yelp.com/biz/trinacria-macaroni-works-baltimore

        You have to ask for the 00 – they keep it behind the counter in unmarked bags (like the dangerous controlled substance it apparently is). I went with a colleague who introduced me to the place and insisted they would have it. I wandered around, finding no baking ingredients and thinking I was out of luck, but asked where I could find such a thing when I was checking out. “00?” the lady said, “Sure we have it – want some?”

  2. November 21

    I need some education – what is 00 flour?

  3. November 21

    Zoomie, they got Google for that! 😉

  4. November 21

    I know, but Peter will tell me. He likes to teach.

  5. Peter
    November 22

    Jill: It makes such a difference, doesn’t it?

    Zoomie: It’s a particularly fine grind but still high in protein for good gluten development. It just makes better pizza and pasta. And I’m thrilled that I can get it local and organic.

    • December 1

      It does make a difference. And I had an older batch in the fridge, deposited it in small rounds on a baking sheet and made very tasty little rolls. Probably very similar to the ones you made in the flower pots, judging by appearances.

  6. November 24

    i need some 00 flour – and soon. buying the truffle. making the pasta.

  7. November 29

    that’s a fine looking loaf. good luck with yeastspotting though if you had sprinkled this with a little powdered sugar and called it a giant cupcake, tastespotting might have taken it, so fine is the photography!

  8. Peter
    November 29

    Claudia: Keep me posted.

    Jonny: It’s funny that you say that, since I’ve been pretty despondent about my limitations as a photographer lately. I’m getting a remote flash and building a light box.

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