Fifteen Minutes

I have now milked this same head of cabbage for TWO pictures.

I was going to write about some lentils, but then this popped up on my radar:

New York Magazine's Approval Matrix, week of November 1

The post in question can be found here.

How it happened is anybody’s guess, but there it is. It’s funny; I noticed a bump in traffic, but it wasn’t coming from anywhere, and yet the Google searches got oddly specific. If the internet version of this handy chart actually included links, I suspect there would have been many more hits. In any case, at least I finally have my epitaph: “Just barely highbrow and almost despicable.” (Courtesy of Tate).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go barge into John Mayer’s bedroom, yelling “I’ma let you finish, but Beyoncé is much better in bed.”

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  1. Rachel M
    October 28

    I saw that! And thought of you. But didn’t make the connection that it was you. I like it.

  2. October 28

    Congrats on being both highbrow and brilliant! Better than lentils I’d say.

  3. October 28

    Oooemmmgeee! (Sorry, I’m both lowbrow and despicable!) That’s awesome! I think you’re both highbrow and brilliant, too!

  4. Peter
    October 29

    RayRay: I didn’t even know about it until a friend in NYC emailed me. But why are you reading it? Shouldn’t you be reading Somahville Magazine instead?

    Rachel: Barely both, evidently. And the lentils were pretty good. It’s a tie.

    Julia: Well, they don’t have “unibrow” on their chart.

  5. October 29

    Oh, and just look at the effect it’s had on your commenting!

  6. Peter
    October 29

    I know. Even the pig killing post has gotten exactly zero new comments. Go figure.

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