There Is No Off Position On The Genius Switch

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  1. Brianemone
    December 18

    Is that a Wasabi Espresso or some bright green powdered tea?

  2. peter
    December 18

    Brian: It's matcha, the powdered tea.

  3. The Spiteful Chef
    December 18

    But was it good? And did it irreparably destroy your espresso machine? Because I have matcha, and haven't liked it much yet, but am keeping with the trying. And also Chris would go murder-suicide on my ass if I broke his espresso machine.

  4. peter
    December 18

    It was good, and could get better with some adjusting. It clogged up the portafilter, but that cleaned off easily enough. The result lacked the thickness resulting from all the suspended powder, so it wasn't really matcha in the purest sense. But it has potential.

    You might want to try more expensive matcha; the cheaper varieties lack the umami and richness that the pricier kinds have.

    This all happened because I couldn't find my chasen.

  5. Muskeg Harpy
    December 18

    That looks like the correct high octane brew necessary this time of year.

    Hello! Also, curry with lemon peel and salmon? I am fascinated, maybe will try this weekend. Do you have any tips?

  6. peter
    December 19

    Harpy: Well, I like to cut lemon peel super-fine and add it to the onions at the beginning. Fresh or preserved will do, and use a fair amount. I do different versions of it, usually either a coconut-based and a tomato-based, sometimes with potatoes. I add the fish- cut in 1" cubes- a few minutes before serving. For extra credit, sear the cubes to get some color on them, then add them to the liquid. Deglaze the fish pan with lemon juice or a little gin or something and add it into the curry.

  7. Muskeg Harpy
    December 22

    Trying this tonight with some Meyer lemons that someone gave me. so excited!

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