It’s Like A Meal, But Made In Just 30 Minutes

There is no greater resource than a well-stocked freezer. (Except maybe a well-stocked freezer working in harmony with an equally well-stocked pantry.) There are still a couple of quarts of frozen fish stock that I made a while back from a halibut skeleton, and the presence of a big bag of snow crab legs just above the stock containers got the wheels turning.

There was also a bag of a rice blend- long, short, and wild, about five varieties- left from I’m not sure what, but the amount was just right for the three of us. So I thawed the stock and made risotto. As the grains neared doneness, I steamed the legs in a little of the stock to thaw them, then poured that crabtastic goodness into the rice while I cut open the legs and cut the meat into small pieces. These I added just at the end, along with some frozen peas and a splash of yuzu juice. Parsley and scallions to finish.

Sweet, gently oceany, with a nice nutty bite from the rices- just the thing for a rainy November evening. Can I have a TV show now?

8 comments to It’s Like A Meal, But Made In Just 30 Minutes

  • Zoomie

    I would relish your TV show. Who can I call to request it?

  • Julia

    I like your style! Working with what you got (in the fridge, freezer, pantry, garden) is what it's all about!

  • We Are Never Full

    shit… you need to grow piggie t*ts and a fat ass and then, yes, you too can have a TV show. did i just make you throw up a little in your mouth? sorry. just sayin'.

  • Brooke

    Yes you can. Please replace the one already in existence. I hate that show with a passion, and your food actually looks edible.

  • peter

    Zoomie: Mmmmm… relish…

    Julia: Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Amy: Ew. Yes. And true. Boy, that asterisk really helped keep the decorum level elevated, btw.

    Brooke: If only I could. Seriously. Plus, I just got some awesome pleated jean shorts, so I'm ready.

  • Julia

    Just realized who you were talking about. I'm slow. And I guess I was thinking about the food instead of throwing up in my mouth. But at least now I know what piggie t*ts are.

  • cook eat FRET

    i need a freezer – a big one. it's a problem as the one have is full of jenny craig frozen dinners.


    tv show. i can see it happening. even if you are a smug son of a bitch.

  • peter

    If I had a show I would totally have you all as guests.

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