Lies Make The Baby Jesus Cry

So this isn’t about the excellent shellfish-kielbasa stew in Vermont. I’ll get to it later, though I don’t actually have a picture of it. Maybe some fall foliage instead for atmosphere.

This is about a wife coming down with something, and the lack of anything easy to prepare in the house. A quick trip later, we were the happy owners of some lovely short ribs. And since we have a pressure cooker, shreddy, falling-off-the-bone-ness was a mere 40 minutes away. Roots (carrot, celery, parsnip, turnip, burdock) plus onion, garlic, herbs, tomato paste, a little soy sauce and rice vinegar all went in there with the meat.

Perfect. Beefy, with a wonderful sweetness from all the roots, and a slavericious sauce that had us all drinking out of our bowls. The leftovers were even better, providing an excellent lunch on an absurdly chilly day.

5 comments to Lies Make The Baby Jesus Cry

  • The Spiteful Chef

    Wha? But I have a pressure cooker! I can DO THIS. You're awesome, except for your ethnically-related meanness regarding your bacon. Jerkface.

  • Moonbear

    I love a slavericous sauce. Drips off the chin in a nice way. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  • cookiecrumb

    It's almost Japanese. Yes, it's almost Japanese.

  • Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

    Ooh, have never used a pressure cooker before. This stew looks gorgeous, I love the sound of all those vegetables and herbs in it.

  • peter

    Kristie: No, YOU'RE a jerkface.

    Moonbear: Hey, welcome back. Nice to see you again.

    CC: You really think so?

    Laura: They are the best- the ultimate time-saver.

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