More Cowbell

The guys are back in the studio this week, recording the third of their Radiolarian records, and Billy asked if I could come shoot some more video this afternoon. I could. And like before, I brought some snacks. Chris also brought one of the legs of duck confit I gave him yesterday for his belated birthday (it’s his all-time favorite) along with a kumquat-cranberry-cabernet chutney and the rest of the apricot-chanterelle sauce from Thanksgiving.

From left to right, the last of our gravlax with sudachi-caper emulsion and powdered mustard green oil, duck prosciutto and pear, and guanciale and still more pear. On my way over, I stopped off to get some pepperoncini and crackers, and we had ourselves a quality break between takes. If I had had enough time, or if their studio had better kitchen facilities, I would have made them something more ambitious using all the Japanese bounty they brought me for my birthday, but the nice thing about charcuterie is that it travels well and requires only a knife for serving.

And I totally didn’t kick over any mic stands while shooting the session. It went late, so my lovely wife made her bad-ass penne all’arrabiata and I had some of that waiting for me when I got home. Life is good.

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  1. Heather
    December 4

    You say you didn’t kick the mike stand like doing it wouldn’tve been totally badass.

  2. The Spiteful Chef
    December 4

    SOMEONE needs to play some Guitar Hero…

    I suppose no rock slides, either?

  3. Peter M
    December 4

    You know these guys…very cool and they groove like no others!

    Sure…bring the camera, take some snaps, feed the band….just another day..right! lol

  4. Jen of A2eatwrite
    December 4

    I think I want your life. 😉

  5. peter
    December 4

    Blanche: They do as few takes as possible, so it would not have endeared me to them.

    Kristie: I was wearing leopard-print spandex pants.

    Peter: They’re like family; it was the least I could do after the amazing gifts they brought me.

    Jen: Maybe a time-share?

  6. Maryann
    December 5

    With food like that I would is surely good 🙂

  7. cook eat FRET
    December 8

    if i were your wife i’d never cook for you

    can you say, intimidation?

  8. Zen Chef
    December 9

    Now i’m really jealous.

    In the studio with those guys?.. i would kill to be there.

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