Zuppa Dupa

Taking a break from the rich decadence of the weekend, and of recent meals, I dug deep (literally) into the garden to make something much more veg-o-centric. With two of the smoked chicken carcasses I made a simple broth, then picked all the meat off of them and strained the liquid back into the pot. Milo ate all the “broth carrots” and drank two bowls of broth as an appetizer. He then helped me add all the other things required for a good minestrone: soaked borlotti beans, more carrots, potatoes, beets, radishes, kale, radish and beet greens, leeks, onion, garlic, little pasta shells, herbs, and pepper.

It simmered for about an hour, at which point I added some shredded sorrel and parsley, and enough salt to make it tasty. To finish, truffle oil, more parsley, and croutons with melted aged gruyère. To drink, an accident; when I was picking up wine for the party and beyond, I grabbed a 2003 Sancerre that looked promising. But it turned out to be a red- how I missed that I do not know. It’s 100% pinot noir, and I aerated it with my special new funnel, but it’s lean, sour, and just not at all special. I kept hoping it would open up into a pretty, funky pinot, like its nose intimated it might, but it demurred, staying harsh, and refused to put out. While I love good white Sancerre- and it can really age- and I’ve heard that some of the reds can pass for decent Burgundy as easily as Ann Coulter in a tranny bar, this one was shallow, harsh, and joyless. Like Ann Coulter in any context.

But the soup was good, and the delicate smokiness of the broth added a wonderful depth to set off all the homegrown goodness. And cheese toast is pretty self-explanatory.

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  1. The Spiteful Chef
    November 11

    Mmmmmmmmm…cheesy toast.

    People used to say I reminded them of Ann Coulter, even though I’m not a hateful bitch, usually. I think it’s because I’m blonde and politically verbal. People lump us together.

    Soup looks good, although it always makes me actually gag a little when I think about how much Milo likes broth carrots (which I think are from hell).

  2. Heather
    November 11

    Ann Coulter is a talking kite. Too bad that wine was such a pricktease, maybe you can use it in a vinaigrette?

  3. bb
    November 11

    Minestrone always satisfies in a non-Ann Coulter sort of way (I guess your post demands we all snarkily mention her. Snarky comments about AC…like shooting fish in the pundit barrel!).
    On the red Sancerre front, decent bottles are hard to find, but I did include in a tasting here at the wine shack last Friday a 2005 Paul Prieur “les caillotes” that was lovely. Feminine, perfumed, silky. Great Burgundy? No. But for $22 a damn fine pinot noir. Much more satisfying than you-know-who!

  4. peter
    November 11

    Kristie: I can’t imagine people comparing you to That Woman. She’s WAY worse than broth carrots.

    Heather: It would be perfect for that, since it’s halfway to vinegar already.

    BB: Yeah, she’s like Palin, but without the hilarity. I’ll look for the Prieur.

  5. cook eat FRET
    November 13

    i’d love that soup for dinner… emailing food is a bitch.

    i opened a sicilian wine the other night. 100% monica grapes. it was tight as a tic and would not open. until 24 hours later. it’s a 2006. anyway, who wants to wait that long? i mean an hour or so? no prob… maybe if i had that fancy fucking funnel…

    i just said fucking so i could get the alliteration…

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