New Plates

I just picked these up today, though they got fired last week. I had a hard time deciding how to glaze them; there’s a big tension between my desire to play with colors and patterns and my desire to have simple dishes that allow the food to shine. This batch is sort of an attempt to split the difference. Some I love, some not so much, but they all inspire me to keep pushing ahead with the ceramics side-project- and there are a couple of designs that I definitely need to make more of.

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  1. cook eat FRET
    October 24


    where the holy fuck are you storing these? i mean it’s not like they stack, for the most part…

    do you have a dish room?

  2. The Spiteful Chef
    October 24

    I second that question. I mean, they’re gorgey, but I can’t imagine having that many plates that can’t nest in my cupboards. And I have a pretty damned big kitchen with a walk-in pantry.

  3. cookiecrumb
    October 24

    I will send you my address.

  4. Zoomie
    October 25

    Where do I place my order? I want!

  5. peter
    October 25

    Claudia: They stack, they stack. Just kinda precariously in a few cases.

    Kristie: I have no walk-in pantry, but I have my Grandparents’ sideboard hutch thingy which holds a lot.

    CC: OK. You’ve got my email.

    Zoomie: You and Cookie can combine orders for a discount.

  6. Heather
    October 26

    Those are really cool. Very organic. When I took ceramics in high school, the teacher made us crank out gelato cups like some kind of sweat shop. He was selling them to a local restaurant. He didn’t teach long, needless to say.

  7. peter
    October 26

    Heather: I love that idea. Makes me want to teach again…

  8. Jen of A2eatwrite
    October 27

    These are wonderful. I especially like the white ones that sort of melt down the sides – I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

    Very, very cool.

  9. Jennifer
    October 28

    Dude, I want some of these dishes. They are awesome.

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