What Another Week

Not so culinary; the family was in Chicago partying with Grandma so I used the week to rebuild our shower from scratch. The job was so consuming, and the time so tight that I reverted to bachelor-animal mode, eating junk (and not that frequently- I often skipped lunch) that I loaded up on right after dropping them off at the airport. I didn’t even go into the garden all week, despite the attention it desperately needed, because I didn’t have the time or brain space to deal with it. Actually, I did go in there once, but it was to grab a 5-gallon bucket to mix grout in. One day I had a cheeseburger for breakfast, worked 12 hours, showered, had a cheeseburger for dinner, and went to bed.

In my defense, they were organic.

I did go out one night; Liz had a dinner party and it was a blessed relief to eat real, garden-based food with wonderful people. I brought nothing. I am so far off my game it’s silly.

On the upside, though, I got it from here (day two)

to here (day 7) and only swore 5,712 times in doing so. The best part was Sunday, as I was tiling, and a thunderstorm knocked out the power so I got to continue by candle/flashlight. The only problem with this kind of upgrade is that while the shower looks like it belongs in Dwell, the rest of the bathroom now looks like Double-Wide Weekly.

Now I have a couple of frantic days in the woodshop building the pieces for a 16-foot high octagonal pyramid that I have to assemble at a big rock festival in the city next week. After that, I get to return to being the guy with a garden and a blog (and a family) who is relaxed and witty and generally fun to be around.

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  1. Zoomie
    August 1

    I can’t even _imagine_ the work it must have taken to position and grout all those tiny tiles. You must see tiny tiles in your sleep, now. But it looks great and I’m sure you have a big sense of accomplishment!

  2. cookiecrumb
    August 1

    Who are you, and what have you done with Peter?

  3. cook eat FRET
    August 1

    zoomie – not to blow peter’s extraordinary abilities but they come on sheets…

    ok peter, enough of all this. what don’t you do? it is just TOO MUCH. you are not a real man. i am convinced…

  4. peter
    August 1

    Zoomie: My eyes were bleeding. Pay no attention to the Claudia behind the curtain.

    CC: Rove’s the name. Karl Rove.

    Claudia: You’re right. This blog is actually written by five people, and one of them is totally Karl Rove. He can tile a mean shower, you know. Ted Stevens? Not so much (but he evidently has people do it for him.)

  5. cookiecrumb
    August 1


  6. peter
    August 1

    CC: If you expect me to give him back, you’ll need to send Ted Stevens $100,000 in small, unmarked pastries.

  7. cook eat FRET
    August 1

    ted stevens was/is on crack. i saw the guy once on bill maher and he was a total fucking imbecile.

    unbelievable that it took them this long…

    5 people? at the very least…

  8. Heather
    August 3

    I have nothing to show for my absence, but you’re sure doing a lot to bring down husbands all over this land.

  9. peter
    August 13

    Claudia: At least he doesn’t have a wide stance.

    Heather: Thinking of trading up? *call me*

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