I’m Cured!

One of the great things about curing an entire side of wild king salmon to make a bunch of teeny appetizers is having a lot left over for Sunday brunch. Here seen on an everything bagel with crème fraiche and wasabi tobiko. I added capers too. The fish has such an intense, wonderful flavor from the unorthodox cure.

And since it’s been ages, and I’ve got cured meat on the brain, I decided to pull down the last duck prosciutto and try it out. It’s excellent- better than the first one, which I attribute to the much longer hanging time. Patience is a virtue.

The confluence of these two things, plus the salt pork (trimmings from the bacon that is almost ready, and cured differently; it will get its own post because it’s bacon) and the lardo also being ready meant that I got my act together and made a little care package-early birthday present for a good friend out in Seattle. He sent me some insane salumi from the eponymous store out there for my birthday a while back, and I’m finally reciprocating.

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  1. Brittany
    May 5

    Just so you know- I also live in Seattle and have access to salumi (we use it at the restaurant. Wholesale, beeotch). Their agrumi is ridiculous. The fact that anything can taste that good momentarily wipes out all the bad in the world.
    Perhaps a trade can be arranged…..love me some cured duckies….

  2. peter
    May 5

    I am nothing if not a wholesale beeotch. I love their mole sausage. I also like to barter. Lemme get some more duck hung and we’ll talk. In the meantime, might I interest you in some lardo?

  3. Heather
    May 5

    Uh, sorry hon, you got it wrong – my birthday is in July and I live in Portland.

  4. peter
    May 6

    Duly noted.

  5. Hunter Angler Gardener Cook
    May 8

    Nice looking duck proscuitto. And very clever to use green wasabi tobiko with the orange salmon…

  6. peter
    May 8

    Hank: It’s really good. I’m making more right away.

  7. We Are Never Full
    May 15

    ok, i keep scrolling down. this is enough to drive me up a wall. cured meats i can’t do w/o.

  8. peter
    May 15

    It’s great to have them around, and really easy to do.

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