Morning Coffee

The first things I made in the class were a bunch of these espresso cups. Their form is based on Richard Serra’s torqued ellipses, and I glazed them white then dipped the bottoms in black to refer to the intended contents. I can’t say that they make my coffee taste better, but the experience is definitely more pleasurable.

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  • Zoomie

    Okay, now, are we to believe that you made that shape intentionally? :-)

  • peter

    I actually did. They’re not thrown, they’re built, and it was actually a bit of a challenge to get them to flare and twist just so (though probably not as hard as with massive sheets of cor-ten steel.) I’ll take some pictures of the group from a better angle.

  • cook eat FRET

    love the photo…
    it’s all about the shadow

  • peter

    The cup is a little washed out, but the shadow does help illustrate the earliness of the hour.

  • Zoomie

    Definitely morning light…nice. I’ve done some pottery in my time but my work often turned out uneven – but not on purpose! It’s a miraculous process nonetheless, isn’t it? Very cool.

  • life in recipes

    The cups are lovely. I like your style. Great photo.

  • peter

    Thanks- I like your blog too.

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