Oh, Right, Easter

I woke up this morning figuring that I should have planned something nice for Easter, but that since I hadn’t- bad parent/husband that I am- I should pretend that I had and figure out what I could bust out convincingly. To begin with, we had eggs. A good start, and lucky, because the wife she likes the eggs so we’re often low or out. And I had bought a big bar of organic super-dark chocolate last week, thinking to make the melty cakes again soon. So what I’m saying is I got a huge assist and came off looking pretty OK after all. I made crêpes.

When I make them, I like to have two kinds: a savory and then a sweet. It’s the win/win of breakfasts, like getting to have waffles AND an omelet without feeling like a giant hog. The first was pesto and feta, topped with the leftover pesto chicken gravy. The second was chocolate-cassis sauce and kumquat marmalade (we mercifully also had a handful of mostly still good kumquats at the bottom of a fridge drawer.) I melted the chocolate and some butter in a double boiler, then whisked in some Vermont cassis to finish it. The sliced kumquats simmered in honey, 5-spice, and pear juice.

Man, is it nice to shoot using the morning sun for a change. I never use the flash, so in the evenings I have resorted to some pretty silly setups to try to get a decent shot. This was effortless.

Then, after a lovely day that included an egg-hunt and lunch at some friends’, dinner was chicken broth from the carcass with tofu and fish balls made from the leftover snapper, pesto mashed potatoes, ginger, garlic, and a bit of activa to hold them together. I also made udon and blanched spinach in the pasta water. Finished with togarashi and black sesame seeds, it all made for a big bowl of goodness that provided a welcome change from the richer food of the day’s earlier meals, and had excellent company in another Millet Sancerre.

8 comments to Oh, Right, Easter

  • Heather

    I kind of forgot about Easter. No kids and being un-churched will do that. I did eat some prosciutto on my penne primavera tonight, though, so I was close.

    Good call on having both kinds of crepes. It’s how it should be, dammit.

  • cook eat FRET

    ummm, excuse me? but you are damn good. no really. i mean, you probably know this. and i am hard to impress. but you are very fucking impressive whippin alla that up like that. again…

  • peter

    H: Absent the egg hunt, I would have had no idea.

    CeF: Stop, I’m blushing. You’re no slouch yourself.

  • Zoomie

    I’d call you a magician, Peter, to have pulled such a lovely rabbit out of your hat!

  • peter

    Z: It’s all about having stuff in the fridge and pantry, and a hungry family.

  • Zoomie

    And a sense of adventure!

  • michelle @ thursday night smackdown

    those kumquats are calling to me.

  • peter

    Z: Or no sense at all.

    M: “Come quat with me…?”

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