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The June Chronogram has emerged, and within its glossy confines lurks my review of Fish…

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May 8
Olive oil cake, candies carrots, fresh cheese, and sunflower sprouts.

The new Edible Manhattan is out, and in it is my reworked profile of Fish & Game in Hudson (where I’ll be dining this very evening, in fact) updated for spring and with some pictures of plated food. This is my first of what I hope will be many articles for them. If you live in the borough, pick up a copy since they only used one picture on their website.

This one was almost the cover (thanks to everyone who voted in the comments on their blog) and there’s another one I’m partial to after the jump.

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April 11

I’ve written before about leeks in vinaigrette being one of my all-time favorite appetizers. Leeks have a particularly savory completeness to their flavor, an almost meaty umami element that’s extremely compelling and addictive. They take well to all forms of cooking, and their silky texture when perfectly done—slick layers sliding apart under the fork—is hard to beat for sensual pleasure in the vegetable kingdom.

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March 31
December 27

I was sick for Christmas; beginning the day before I was laid up and useless in bed, unable to festivate or jollify or even merrytize. I did, however, watch an ungodly amount of Doctor Who and produce a near-equal amount of phlegm—at the same time, mind you, which made me feel like one of the slimy, rubbery alien villains that make the show so kitschtastic. While I was busy being a Slime Lord, all the preparations and cooking fell to my better half, who really distinguished herself, especially with the cooking, since that’s not something she is called upon to do very often.

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October 1