Tail Of The Cock

I do so love my new camera. And, as if on cue, thanks to the Muslim tyranny of Obamalight Savings Time™, now it’s fully light out at cocktail time! I do hope Rand Paul succeeds in his quest to have all those huge government warehouses full of extra daylight opened up. Just think how much brighter we’ll all be then!

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Clever Name Pending

Just a quick one, because I have a lot to do today. This is a cocktail I invented the other night, and I’m pretty happy with it. Like my cooking, my mixology tends to be improvised and unmeasured. The results are usually quite good, occasionally not so much, and once in a while they’re superb. This one is an excellent aperitif, since it doesn’t have any hard liquor in it; everything is around 18 percent alcohol. It’s got a lovely balance between sweet, sour, and bitter, and it whets the appetite very nicely.

Two ounces of sake (this was a good daiginjo), half an ounce each of dry vermouth and Byrrh, a couple of dashes of bitters, and a generous squeeze of lemon or lime. Shake, strain, and serve up in a chilled glass. Garnish with the citrus of . . . → Read More: Clever Name Pending

Matcha Man

We just got back from Vermont, so while I edit photographs and figure out what to write about here’s a little taste of a luxurious benefit to having no power and thus no espresso machine for days after Irene.

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Yours Truly

I'm a painter who happens to also spend a lot of time growing, making, and writing about food. I'm particularly interested in the intersection of frugal peasant cooking techniques and haute improvisation. And I have a really great personality.

Rage Against The Vitrine

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I’ve been Punk’d