The Fish & Game fall newsletter is out today. I spent a pretty rewarding October on several short trips to gather images and information for this, and by extension for the book: a short flight up the river to Hudson at between 500 and 1500 feet for some foliage shots, an overnight jaunt to Ithaca for the grain piece, and a lovely three days in Portland, Maine meeting and photographing some shellfish farmers and the wholesaler who provides the restaurant with such sterling seafood.

The bulk of the photography for the book is finished, which is a relief because it’s challenging to do two things at once. Who knows, I may even return to photographing my own dinner from time to time. Stranger things have surely happened. The book should be out next fall, in plenty of time for holiday gift-giving.

One of these days I’ll tell you about my new garden, though it’s hard to get excited about it when it’s largely dormant. . . . → Read More: Fall

Sumer Is A Guin Out

Just in time for fall, a look back at the summer’s activities at everyone’s favorite scrappy underdog restaurant.

There may be a new post in the offing about my new garden, but first I have to deal with updating the blog to the newest version of WordPress or some shit so the spam tsunami can be headed off well upstream of my spot. Or something. I don’t have time for . . . → Read More: Sumer Is A Guin Out

Ecco, Formaggio

At long last, the piece about Dancing Ewe Farm that I wrote and shot for Edible Manhattan is out in the new issue. Jody and Luisa do terrific work, and couldn’t be nicer; their spot is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. If you’re not, you could do far worse than to order some food . . . → Read More: Ecco, Formaggio

Zen Garden

That’s pork belly braised in the last of the maple sap with pho spices, then removed and the liquid strained and reduced to somewhere in the happy medium between stock and syrup. Underneath, freshly dug parsnips—early spring’s great treat, and maple’s perfect partner—steamed with yogurt whey and then puréed in it underneath, and alongside kale sautéed with some of last summer’s mirepoix from the freezer and a vibrant pesto of escarole and sunflower seeds. Chervil, the earliest (and latest; it’s indestructible by frost) of the domesticated herbs, made a fitting garnish. I reduced the rest of the liquid down to a thick caramel for use in various future nefariousness. This was a good dinner: contemplative and subtle, but also revelatory. This time of year, when fresh food becomes available again, is conducive to flavor experiences more profound than any . . . → Read More: Zen Garden

Keep On Fucking That Turkey

Going back to 2008, I have made 10-course extravaganzas for Thanksgiving: balls-out, unfettered freestyling wherein my imagination runs wild and my skills try their best to realize the perfervid visions and tie it all together. They’re all documented here on the blog, including the one that won me a trip to France. I have enjoyed cooking every one of them. But this year I wasn’t feeling it, so I took it easy. No manic list-making, no frantic days of prep beforehand, no careful curation of the trajectory from course to course. I bought a goose, and I used the homegrown produce on hand to round it out into a meal.

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We Validate

Just a quick note to mention that my piece about the process behind the opening of Fish & Game for Edible Manhattan, a revised version of the one I wrote for Edible Hudson Valley, is featured in Best Food Writing 2013. It’s gratifying to see my name alongside those up there on the top, as well as many others inside. I look forward to reading through it once my . . . → Read More: We Validate

Don’t Fake Defunct

You wouldn’t know it from this joint, but there’s been much afoot here at corporate headquarters and elsewhere lately.

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More Puffball

I was taking pictures at Fish & Game on Sunday, and they had a giant puffball in the kitchen that they were running as a bar snack: brushed with olive oil, grilled, and served with lamb sausage and a scallion-chili salad. Zak gave me a couple of slices to take home, because as I ate one of the soft, slick slices it occurred to me that the mushroom could out-wonder Wonder bread as a grilled cheese substrate.

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I Love To See You In The Morning Light

I decanted last fall’s vinegar crop over the weekend, and it was a good one. Three kinds, all fully fermented and super sour: straight cider, made from biodynamic apples, cider macerated with sumac for a few days and then strained, and blackcurrant. Half a gallon of each should last us a while. The cloudier bottle of cider was from the bottom of the jar; it has settled now and is quite clear.

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Fresh morels, sautéd in butter with wild garlic, white wine, heavy cream, and herbes de Provence, make excellent crostini on homemade sourdough.

Oh, and I just saw that Edible Hudson Valley has the last issue online. You can read my piece about Tuthilltown’s fire and their new gin, and also my article about homemade vinegar. I also took the photos for . . . → Read More: PSA

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