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January 1
December 13

I’ll be on WPKN radio in Bridgeport, Connecticut tomorrow morning at 9:15, talking about regional spirits and drinks for holiday gift-giving and numbing the anguish of spending extended time with family. Down below there’s a list of links to producers I will likely mention.

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November 4
October 1

For the October Chronogram, I wrote about the nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut and the cheeses they make. It’s a remarkable community that produces great artisanal cheese, especially their Bethlehem, which I had the pleasure of eating yesterday; Mother Noella gave me a whole wheel to take home on the condition that I waited a few weeks until it was mature before eating it. I brought it with me on the residency I’m currently doing, and we all demolished it with great enthusiasm last night before and during dinner.

I took the pictures, too; see another one I’m fond of after the jump and be sure to click the shots in the article to embiggen them.

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September 5

In the September Chronogram, I profile Field Apothecary in Germantown. Food as medicine, medicine as…

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August 1
July 30

Here’s a piece about Phyllis Feder of Clinton Vineyards that I wrote for the current issue…

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July 1
June 1

The June Chronogram has emerged, and within its glossy confines lurks my review of Fish…

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May 8
Olive oil cake, candies carrots, fresh cheese, and sunflower sprouts.

The new Edible Manhattan is out, and in it is my reworked profile of Fish & Game in Hudson (where I’ll be dining this very evening, in fact) updated for spring and with some pictures of plated food. This is my first of what I hope will be many articles for them. If you live in the borough, pick up a copy since they only used one picture on their website.

This one was almost the cover (thanks to everyone who voted in the comments on their blog) and there’s another one I’m partial to after the jump.

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