Edam Heart Mother

For the October Chronogram, I wrote about the nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut and the cheeses they make. It’s a remarkable community that produces great artisanal cheese, especially their Bethlehem, which I had the pleasure of eating yesterday; Mother Noella gave me a whole wheel to take home on the condition that I waited a few weeks until it was mature before eating it. I brought it with me on the residency I’m currently doing, and we all demolished it with great enthusiasm last night before and during dinner.

I took the pictures, too; see another one I’m fond of after the jump and be sure to click the shots in the article to embiggen them.

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In the September Chronogram, I profile Field Apothecary in Germantown. Food as medicine, medicine as food: it’s a helpful endeavor to blur the distinctions between the two.

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Meadier Shower

For the August Chronogram, following on the heels of the beekeeping article, I profiled a new meadery up near Albany. Helderberg Meadworks, a tiny operation, could be the beginning of a renaissance of the ancient craft the way distilling and hard cider have both exploded into major new sectors of the agricultural economy. Those are oak barrel staves that Peter Voelker puts in the fermentation tanks to impart the flavors his Norse ancestors would have had in their . . . → Read More: Meadier Shower


Here’s a piece about Phyllis Feder of Clinton Vineyards that I wrote for the current issue of Edible Hudson Valley. I just sent off another piece about local wine that should be in the fall issue, so stay tuned . . . → Read More: Meanwhile

To Bee Or Not To Bee

For the July Chronogram, I visited Hudson Valley Bee Supply in Kingston. It was a lovely day, and the photography gods were kind to me. Check out the slideshow they put up; it’s a big glossy magazine and for those of you outside of the distribution area it offers a handsome way to look at big pictures. Sadly, they did not use this picture, but that just gives me an excuse to show . . . → Read More: To Bee Or Not To Bee


The June Chronogram has emerged, and within its glossy confines lurks my review of Fish & Game in Hudson, which I also wrote about for Edible Hudson Valley, which piece then appeared in an updated version in the current Edible Manhattan. Check it out, both in print and in person.

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If I Can Make It There, I’ll Make It Anywhere

Olive oil cake, candies carrots, fresh cheese, and sunflower sprouts.

The new Edible Manhattan is out, and in it is my reworked profile of Fish & Game in Hudson (where I’ll be dining this very evening, in fact) updated for spring and with some pictures of plated food. This is my first of what I hope will be many articles for them. If you live in the borough, pick up a copy since they only used one picture on their website.

This one was almost the cover (thanks to everyone who voted in the comments on their blog) and there’s another one I’m partial to after the jump.

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Pod People

For Chronogram’s weekly podcast, this week I spoke with assistant editor Jennifer Gutman about the films I covered in my recent article, ramps, and how it’s possible that someone with a voice as sexy as mine is not already a media superstar. See those kittens up there? That’s some sterling new media savvy right there, and yet I labor in obscurity. They did use my ramp photo, though, so if you click and go listen you’ll get to see it for the . . . → Read More: Pod People

Are You Not Entertained?

Still from "A Place at the Table"

For the May Chronogram, I wrote about three movies that deal with food in various ways. Two documentaries, one about hunger and the other about small farms under siege by the USDA, and a drama about a couple who forage mushrooms for restaurants in New York City. They are all well worth . . . → Read More: Are You Not Entertained?


Fresh morels, sautéd in butter with wild garlic, white wine, heavy cream, and herbes de Provence, make excellent crostini on homemade sourdough.

Oh, and I just saw that Edible Hudson Valley has the last issue online. You can read my piece about Tuthilltown’s fire and their new gin, and also my article about homemade vinegar. I also took the photos for . . . → Read More: PSA

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