Ecco, Formaggio

At long last, the piece about Dancing Ewe Farm that I wrote and shot for Edible Manhattan is out in the new issue. Jody and Luisa do terrific work, and couldn’t be nicer; their spot is well worth a visit if you’re in the area. If you’re not, you could do far worse than to order some food . . . → Read More: Ecco, Formaggio

Vernal Journal

Spring, the second Fish & Game newsletter, is out today. Check it out and let me know what you think. (Comments now close after 14 days because the spam got completely out . . . → Read More: Vernal Journal

Invernal Journal

Just in time for spring, the Fish & Game winter newsletter is finally out. We’re pretty happy with it; take a look and let me know what you . . . → Read More: Invernal Journal

All Your Diet Are Belong To Us

For the February Chronogram, I went to visit Winnie to talk about her new book and annoy her with my camera while she made me lunch. As an expert denizen of sectors of the food-focused Internet that I assiduously avoid, she has much to say about the current fad for elimination diets and the alarming level of absolutism surrounding certain foods. She is far more patient, understanding, and diplomatic than I will ever be on this subject, and I hope those traits help her win over people too easily swayed by the dietary totalitarians, zealots, and snake oil-peddlers who seem to dominate so much of the discussion . . . → Read More: All Your Diet Are Belong To Us

Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood

For the first Chronogram of 2014, I drove to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to visit the Prairie Whale. Some friends met me for dinner there, which made for a lovely outing. Mark Firth knows what he is doing, and this sort of operation looks like an excellent model for “Farm-to-Table 2.0: The New Normal.” It’s the anti-Applebees.  Check it . . . → Read More: Eatin’ Good In The Neighborhood

High Spirits

I’ll be on WPKN radio in Bridgeport, Connecticut tomorrow morning at 9:15, talking about regional spirits and drinks for holiday gift-giving and numbing the anguish of spending extended time with family. Down below there’s a list of links to producers I will likely mention.

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We Validate

Just a quick note to mention that my piece about the process behind the opening of Fish & Game for Edible Manhattan, a revised version of the one I wrote for Edible Hudson Valley, is featured in Best Food Writing 2013. It’s gratifying to see my name alongside those up there on the top, as well as many others inside. I look forward to reading through it once my . . . → Read More: We Validate

Edam Heart Mother

For the October Chronogram, I wrote about the nuns at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut and the cheeses they make. It’s a remarkable community that produces great artisanal cheese, especially their Bethlehem, which I had the pleasure of eating yesterday; Mother Noella gave me a whole wheel to take home on the condition that I waited a few weeks until it was mature before eating it. I brought it with me on the residency I’m currently doing, and we all demolished it with great enthusiasm last night before and during dinner.

I took the pictures, too; see another one I’m fond of after the jump and be sure to click the shots in the article to embiggen them.

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In the September Chronogram, I profile Field Apothecary in Germantown. Food as medicine, medicine as food: it’s a helpful endeavor to blur the distinctions between the two.

Photo by . . . → Read More: Farmacopeia

Meadier Shower

For the August Chronogram, following on the heels of the beekeeping article, I profiled a new meadery up near Albany. Helderberg Meadworks, a tiny operation, could be the beginning of a renaissance of the ancient craft the way distilling and hard cider have both exploded into major new sectors of the agricultural economy. Those are oak barrel staves that Peter Voelker puts in the fermentation tanks to impart the flavors his Norse ancestors would have had in their . . . → Read More: Meadier Shower

Yours Truly

I'm a painter who happens to also spend a lot of time growing, making, and writing about food. I'm particularly interested in the intersection of frugal peasant cooking techniques and haute improvisation. And I have a really great personality.

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