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In early 2013, I met Zak Pelaccio and Jori Jayne Emde as they prepared to open Fish & Game, their restaurant in Hudson, NY. A few months later, we shook hands on a deal to make a book about it. For the next two years I was artist in residence at the restaurant, with total access. I ate almost every tasting menu and joined them for prep and all sorts of off-campus activities (maple sugaring, garlic planting, fish sauce making, and much more). I also traveled near and far to meet many of the farmers and artisans producing ingredients for the restaurant, from ceramicists in Vermont to grain farmers and millers in the Finger Lakes to winemakers in France. The result is Project 258: Making Dinner at Fish & Game. A true labor of love, three years in the making, the book is beautiful, inspiring, and a useful tool for anyone who cares about food.

Besides writing almost all of it, I also photographed the whole thing and drew illustrations for it as well. After twenty years as an abstract painter, it felt good to draw from life again. I also worked closely with designer Sarah Rainwater, who did a magnificent job and was a joy to work with. Watching all these brilliant people work over a prolonged period taught me a huge amount. Making this book deepened my already pretty rich relationship with growing and cooking food. As a result, all of that information and inspiration is available for you within its pages. I put everything I had into Project 258. Though I’m on to other projects (to be named and numbered later) it will always be special for the amount of creative control I had to realize my vision.

You can read more about it and find a link to buy it here. Thanks!