Invernal Journal

Just in time for spring, the Fish & Game winter newsletter is finally out. We’re pretty happy with it; take a look and let me know what you all think.

4 comments to Invernal Journal

  • Are you the photographer for this? The writer? There don’t seem to be any credits. In any case, the photos are beautiful – I love the one of the burly guy offering a spoonful to the woman. Very nice, all around!

  • Peter

    I’m both. The credits on are on the last page.

  • Victoria Wise

    Fabulous, the photos, the graphics, the layout, the writings. Kudos! and hopefully many more to follow.

  • HiNy

    Very well done. Nice ad for the restaurant. I’ll have to venture up there at some point. (When we lived in Queens, my wife and I daytripped to Columbia County many times, looking for a second home. But now what we live in Upper Nyack, we daytrip more locally.)

    Keep up the great work cookblog.

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