Almost Famous

Behold, the finished episode:

Many thanks to Craig and Staci for their top-notch work. Stay tuned for more; in the next one I’ll be making a tongue sandwich with Miley Cyrus.

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  1. September 13

    Tongue sandwich? Not Twerk Chicken?

    Nice work up there in that video. Congrats.

  2. September 13

    Nice to see you rather than read you. Excellent work PB!

  3. September 13

    love love love this!!!

  4. September 13

    so good I could fall over.

  5. Elizabeth
    September 13

    More please!

  6. September 14

    Have you gone to PBS with this… they would be DUMB not to go for it. Great work. Original, quirky… all those crap adjectives they use in my biz but TRUE in your case. Well done, Peter.

    Nice lensing too.

    It’s a dinner party I would love to go to…

  7. Akeo
    September 14

    This is really fantastic!

  8. Chris
    September 15

    Excellant video! Of course, now I have ramp envy. But seriously a really well done piece.

  9. molloyrai
    September 15

    You should smile more. It’s your best feature. Presently you look defensive and awkward. You also should feature the women in your lives. For obvious reasons.

  10. Fiona
    September 29

    seriously inspiring and now I am bemoaning our lack of ramps in California. Looking forward to many more videos.

  11. October 2

    Medeski a perfect foil. I should be up in Stone Ridge Sunday 20th, working on rack&shelves for the wine. Doubts about placement, could use yr perspective if you could stop by. See ya!?

    • Peter
      October 6

      Possibly. I may be out of town, but I’m not sure yet.

  12. October 26

    This is wonderful. Thank you.

  13. Tamara
    October 27

    Love the show, the flow and the guys in the kitchen! Beautiful cadence and just enough how-to to inspire not demand. If only we could all taste the goodness online…can’t wait to see more!

  14. HerbaLisl
    April 28

    so,I love MM&W and your production was professional and endearing… yet, you did a disservice to yourself and all ramp lovers (and lovers to be), by not harvesting your ramps responsibly. Since you left tobacco, I can understand that you desire to operate in harmony with the Earth provider…. I must tell you that each of those whole ramps that you gathered are ramps that will not reproduce and multiply. You are shrinking your own patch for yourself and anyone else who may wish to harvest from there in the future. I know this was not your intent.
    So, please:
    follows an herbalist’s way for gathering… We don’t harvest bulbs or roots or tubers in spring, as a rule… those get dug up in late summer and into the fall. Once the ramps set their seeds in the fall, if we collect ONE bulb from each cluster, the seeds are scattered, and the plant then is assisted in regenerating next year’s crop. In spring, when having our fetish for ramps, simply enjoy ONE leaf of the two that emerge, and don’t take too many from each cluster… practice patience, and your ramp patch will grow, not shrink.
    and PLEASE, since your lovely videos are likely to garner much attention, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let your friends and fans know that it’s crucial for us to learn to harvest sustainability…. keep in mind the mess we’re in because we typically don’t observe that necessity.
    (your mention of harvesting for $$ is particularly upsetting)

  15. December 6

    Glad your social life is going well, but perhaps a bit too much info:)

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