Lights, Camera, Awesome

Here’s the trailer for the first video I made in collaboration with Craig and Staci of Handpicked Nation, who are both highly professional and extremely pleasant to hang out with for extended periods. We’ll be putting up short episodes, cutting and shooting as we go, and letting it take shape over time. (We got enough footage from the day with John to last us for quite a while). Lots more wonderful and talented people will join us in the coming months.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe/like/follow this space and get all the episodes hot off of Craig’s editing station as soon as they drop.

Let me know what you think, and stay tuned.

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  1. June 13

    That looks like a lot of fun! Nice Job! Btw, my musician coworker is named Milo.

  2. June 13

    Looks great. I’m available for a guest appearance : )

    • Peter
      June 13

      There may be a Boston episode in the future.

  3. June 13

    I’ll say it again: I love it!

    • Peter
      June 13

      I wanted to call it “You’ll get nothing and like it” but I was overruled.

  4. June 13

    This is terrific, Peter! Can’t wait to see more….

    • Peter
      June 13

      We should get together.

    • Peter
      June 13

      I should hope so.

  5. June 13

    I like the combination of music and food. The photography looks terrific. But, you should mention in the intro that you are an artist and have been a professional chef, too, so those who haven’t read your blog will know that presentation matters greatly to you as well as preparation.

    I will look forward to the episodes – it was fun seeing you use some of the pottery I have purchased from you in the past.

    • Peter
      June 13

      That’s all in the works. Fear not.

    • Peter
      June 13


  6. Rachel Marks
    June 13

    Sweet!! John mentioned this last week. I’ve been waiting for a sneak peak. Congrats!

    • Peter
      June 13

      We edited John out of it, actually. We’re just using him to get traffic.

  7. Elizabeth
    June 13

    Finally!! I get to see your process. This looks great.

  8. June 13

    Oh, yeah. Definitely a show I want to watch,

  9. Melisa McCord Palmer
    June 13

    As always Craig and Staci do an awesome job on their films. I’ve know Craig all my life. We are first cousins. His dad and my dad were brothers. As you said, Craig is extremely pleasant to be with. He’s a lot of fun and full of laughs. Always has a smile. I always follow what he does. I’m proud of his success. I know my uncle would be too.

  10. June 14

    I tried watching food network and had sugar shock. All those deliriously happy faces, pre-prepped food UGH.

    Love your take on it and the farm or field to table slant. Food doesn’t come from plastic packages, why not show the progress?

    Can’t wait to see more. Video is nicely done.

  11. Carry
    June 17

    Very nicely done. I really liked the notion of going to the ingredients rather than having some sterile package or pile to start. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  12. Sheri
    July 1

    Just seeing this now! It ALL looks great. Images, food, garden , woods, you, Milo (huge)… Makes me Wish I knew how to (really) Cook! Congrats.

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