Sloppy Smokey

Sloppy Joes are usually a pretty lowbrow punt of a dinner, but they can hit the spot. And when they’re made like this, they become a different sort of animal altogether.

Here’s what went in to their fabrication:

  • Ground bear meat, shot about 5 miles down the road
  • Ramps, foraged from the same area
  • A little homemade miso-cured bacon for fat
  • Yogurt whey from the most recent batch
  • Homemade ketchup made from homegrown tomatoes
  • Spices, etc.
  • On homemade herbed rolls brushed with more of the whey to get nice and brown on top

Plus sautéed spinach and a huge salad. Provençal rosé. So very enjoyable.

1 comment to Sloppy Smokey

  • Andrew

    Were there any leftovers? (sloppy seconds?) Also curious what other bears besides Smokey made the first cut – Yogi, Paddington, Fozzie, Winnie the Pooh? Sexual Harassment Panda would probably be a stretch as they are not native to this area.

    Normally sloppy joes would conjure up dreadful images of horrible school lunches growing up. But these I would eat, and enjoy. Maybe your next post should be Venison Steak-Umms topped with stinging nettles and kimchi.

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