Prose Before Hoes

I just finished a long article, so I haven’t had any time for this recently. Regular posting should resume shortly, with some cool stuff on tap as the week unfolds. Get it? Meantime, a few links I have found interesting to keep you informed and entertained.

It’s been out for a bit, but this piece on addictive junk food is a must-read. Advertising this kind of crap to children should be a felony.

I find this sort of innovation to be exciting; it’s not a solution to the overuse of conventional fertilizers, but it may help slow the damage they do.

This also is not brand new, but it’s funny, and it expresses an appropriate level of contempt for fad diets, so many of which seem simply to be socially acceptable eating disorders. I realize that people can produce all sorts of anecdotal evidence supporting their weird choices, but all I can say about fads is that even if they seem interesting for a minute, they end up being useless, like Mumford & Sons or libertarians or Klout.

Here’s an interesting bit of meta-hilarity. A satirical menu goes viral, and is then revealed to be largely plagiarized.

Now I have to go finish a painting for a show that opens on Saturday. More to come; I have meant to do this more often, and it’s easier than cooking dinner.

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  1. February 26

    Weird year thusfar: we tapped 10 Jan for the first (record earliest) time, then again about every 15 days after. Right now there is a blizzard outside but the sap room in the garage is quite steamy. Start and stop start and stop. I think we have maybe a half gallon of syrup? not enough surely, but then again it ain’t even March! have fun with it.

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