Seminal Effort

For January’s Chronogram, I visited the Hudson Valley Seed Library to talk about their rapid growth and plans for the coming year. If you live in the area, they offer a full range of seeds that are bred and selected to perform well in this climate. Even if you don’t, theirs is an important story if you prefer to have your food dollars support local small businesses rather than huge multinational corporations.

Photo by Roy Gumpel

4 comments to Seminal Effort

  • Andrew

    I enjoyed this article a lot Peter, though it’s making me feel guilty that I just ordered my year’s supply of seeds from Bakers Creek, who’ve got the right idea as well. Didn’t know there was a more local approach available, which sounds like it will become even more local over time. Bravo.

  • eastriver

    thanks for this. I just moved to the Hudson Valley (south of you and HVS, I’m guessing), and will be starting a garden soon. I have lots of room to grow. And deer to feed.

  • Peter

    Great, welcome to the neighborhood.

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