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This is a few days late, but I was in Vermont, blissfully removed from all things digital. For the September Chronogram I talked to Sandor Katz about his excellent new tome The Art of Fermentation. Whether you’re a curious would-be amateur or a seasoned fermenter, the book is a trove of practical knowledge.

Photo by Kelly Merchant

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  • Andrew

    I’m glad you got to interview Sandor Katz, Peter. You did an excellent job reviewing what his work is all about, and capturing his passion for this topic. I’ve really enjoyed Wild Fermentation. I bought a copy of the Art of Fermentation, though I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to open it yet. Homemade krauts, kimchi, pickles, yogurt, sourdough, cultured butter, creme fraiche, cheese, kombucha, and vinegar have all worked their way into my regular routine. If I could quit my day job, I’d do much more. Katz has done a great job at making these techniques clear, concise, and accessible to his readers. Most of these techniques are very simple and very inexpensive. They also happen to be very healthful and delicious. With greater acceptance, we will hopefully relearn how to embrace these beneficial microbes rather than fear them.

  • love him and his work. and just picked up the september issue of chronogram! looking forward to a good read!

  • Peter

    Grab the new Edible too; I have something in there as well.

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