Tastes Like Chicken

I smoked a couple of chickens yesterday, and as I was prepping them (pulling the necks and organs out, salting them) Milo walked over and pointed to the offal.

“Ew. What’s all that?”

I explained.

“Is it edible?”

“Of course,” I said. “You love chicken liver pâté and we had beef heart tacos a while ago.”

“Oh yeah. Can I eat these hearts?”

“Of course you can.”

We salted them, stuck them on a skewer, and he held them over the fire, turning them like a champ. Once cooked, we used a fork to slide them off the skewer onto a little plate. He ate one as soon as it had cooled.

“It tastes just like chicken! And bacon! This is a great appetizer.”

My only regret was not sticking the livers on there, too.

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