Postcards From The Veg

Recently we went to visit some old friends at their weekend house down in Sullivan county. We hadn’t seen them in ages, so it was good to catch up. They’re both muscians; Mila is a wonderful singer/songwriter and Joey is a prodigious font of awesome kids’ music. Check them out.

The weather was perfect, and the food was elegant and clean. We sat outside around their white wood picnic table and ate while the kids hit each other with folding chairs like an adorable episode of Jerry Springer. Up top are Mila’s pickled ramps.

When the food, dishes, and setting are this perfect, the whole notion of food styling seems patently absurd. Ironically, all the beautiful, minimal white on white action got me excited to get back into the pottery studio to make a bunch of new things.

Yesterday we went to a Fourth party at Winnie’s house with Kim and her family. There was more good food, but I forgot to bring my camera. Summer has a way of replacing ambition with a joyful sloth. I hope yours is having the same effect.

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