Cake Effects

I dislike Tim Burton’s movies pretty intensely; his cheesy goth aesthetic reminds me too much of people I went to college with and his wanton mutilation of classic children’s stories is arrogant and disrespectful to artists much greater than he. (The suckiness of the rewrites doesn’t help). Nonetheless, this cake is pretty cool. If more cakes were scary and too awesome to eat, the Internet would be a better place.

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  1. June 1

    Thank you again, Peter!

  2. June 1

    See, thanks for this. I actually *admire* many of Burton’s (mostly) early movies mainly because they remind me of goth poseurs from college. Plot of course is secondary to effect (or you could say affect), and hey. You can’t beat The Nightmare Before Christmas or Beetlejuice for wackadoo, eh? (And we should have so much success, so there’s *that*.)

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