Hairy Potter And The Dishes Of Desire

I recently unloaded a kiln, which is always exciting. I got a few commissions, which always provide a nice incentive (and justification) for spending more time in the ceramic studio, so while I was there I tried out some new ideas. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to, and I’ve added the non-bespoke work to my Etsy shop where you can totally buy it for your own self, or for someone you really want to have sex with.

These eight 12″ dinner plates are for some friends, and I’m also making them smaller matching salad plates.

These cappucino cups are for another friend who purposefully broke all her old, ugly mugs so she could have me make these.

Three with handles, three without. These fit very nicely into a hand and look killer with matcha in them as well.

This is a one-off that I made when I was messing around with a new idea. David already snapped it up. I knew I should have charged more for it.

I made a couple of these boxes, intending them to be for serving steaming hot dishes like the futamono (“lidded dish” course in a kaiseki meal.

The lid keeps the heat and aroma contained until the food reaches the table, where it can be uncovered with a flourish. I’ll be making more, at least six or eight, so I have a matched set for parties.

I’m very happy with these shallow footed bowls, which I used as soon as I got home with the goods the other day.

Their undersides are particularly interesting, with a wide variety of drips that really heighten the uniqueness of each piece.

There’s more, and still more yet to come when I fire the next kiln. I like these little octagonal dishes a lot, too, especially this shot of one that makes it look monumental:

Remember, with the holiday season bearing down on us like a runaway freight train full of joy, it’s never too early to do your patriotic duty and shop for some unique gifts. Every time you buy something handmade, you’re voting with your dollars, giving support to creativity and originality while helping to improve the economy and increase the amount of beauty in the world. And my ceramics are sustainable; I use only organic, free-range clay and glazes. Above all, I find that vessels like these make me think a little more about what to make, and how to make it taste and look as good as I can. They’re a constant and compelling incentive for me to pick up my game and make more beautiful food. They’ll do the same for you if you let them. Plus, they’ll be worth a fortune when I’m dead, so there’s that.

That link again, because even if you hate your relatives you still love yourself. I’m thinking about making more of the dinner plates and the coffee cups. Want some? Let me know.

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  1. November 2

    Ok, that “stash” box is awesome. Favorited on Etsy for later, definitely. Would you consider making larger sizes in that same profile? I could completely see a table-full of those sorts of dishes for an intimate dinner party. Do you take color requests?

    Great work, sir. The coffee mugs are adorable as well. How many ounces?

  2. November 2

    But is your clay REALLY free-range? I mean, does it go out daily and gambol through the daisies, or does it sit like a lump in a stuffy studio, with only the *option* of sashaying through the open door on a whim?

    (and free-range clay or not, I could see about 100 of those little octagonal bowls on my table. My Virgo heart goes pitter-pat.)

  3. November 2

    Of course I snatched up the bowl, it matches the platters I got from you.

  4. Peter
    November 2

    Nathan: I would. Let’s talk. The mugs hold an even cup/250 ml.

    Kaela: My clay is fully pastured. I’ll make you a set. Just say the word.

    David: Of course. Thanks.

  5. November 2

    I have a raging case of the “gimmes.”

  6. November 2

    Oh, and great title!

  7. Stephanie
    November 4

    Beautiful work (the pottery and the blog)! The shallow footed bowls caught my eye…looks like I am making a ‘trip’ to Etsy.

  8. Karen
    November 7

    Peter, my bowls arrived and are gorgeous ~ thank you. EVERYONE should buy your pottery!

  9. Peter
    November 8

    Zoomie: You know where to find me.

    Stephanie: Those are my current favorites, too.

    Karen: I’m so glad you like them. Thanks for shopping.

  10. November 16

    Hey, I would love to order those coffee/matcha/cappuccino cups – would you consider doing a trade? I’m a knitter, and could swap you some knit/felted potholders, a tea cozy or other knitwear perhaps? Let me know… It could be next year, no pressure or stress.

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