Cyber Monday Madness

I get books in the mail from various publishers as review copies from time to time, and they run the gamut from wonderful things that I’d actually buy to things that make me laugh and/or gag in disbelief. Shelf space is limited, so I thought I’d start occasionally giving away some of the worthy titles that I just don’t have room for. First up is Menus for Chez Panisse by Patricia Curtan. It’s a book about her letterpress work illustrating and typesetting menus for the restaurant through the years, and would make a meaningful gift for someone who loves printmaking and/or Alice Waters. Keep in mind that this is a coffee table book, not a cookbook; there are no recipes. It’s a hardcover copy, and it goes to a lucky commenter to this post who will be chosen at random after the comments close at 9PM on Monday, November 28.

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you for commenting, and I’m sorry I have but one copy to give away. The winner, chosen by (because I couldn’t find my 33-sided die), is Mark S. of From Belly to Bacon. I see a bunch of unfamiliar names below, so when I have a few minutes I’ll click your links and see what you’re all about. Stay tuned for the Thanksgiving post (I think you’ll like it) and more giveaways down the road a piece.

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  1. Eric
    November 27

    Yes please

  2. November 27

    This would be an amazing book to have. One of my favorite meals was at Chez Panisse.

  3. November 27

    Looks pretty cool to this letterpress geek.

  4. November 27

    Throwing my name in there!

  5. November 27

    Looks beautiful, would love this book.

  6. November 27

    I love the illustrations in those books. In fact I was a bit disappointed that my edition of Chez Panisse desserts off ebay was the first edition because I missed the artwork. (On the other hand there is something nice about having the first edition!)

  7. Jennifer
    November 27

    Alice Waters is one of the reasons I’m a chef!

  8. November 27

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the feel of a letterpressed page.

  9. Alyson
    November 27

    This would make a wonderful gift for someone special 🙂

  10. Emilia
    November 27

    I LOVE Alice!

  11. Ajay
    November 27

    A supreme influence on how we make food today. What a great book to add to the collection.

  12. Benjamin Parks
    November 27

    One of my favorite part of the cook books are these beautiful illustrations. It would be great to have in one book.

  13. November 27

    Love this book! And the idea of custom menus in my future.

  14. Diane
    November 27

    Alice Waters is a local food “pioneer” and as such deserves our gratitude, but I am especially fond of her Edible Schoolyard project. The wonderful thing about Alice, Chez Panisse, and everything else she does is her incredible attention to detail. I have been to Chez Panisse once (ten years ago!) and sent a postcard with a Patricia Curtan drawing of figs on it to a friend describing the dinner I wish he could have shared with me. The food and the drawing are forever intertwined…

  15. November 28

    I named my dog Alice Waters. Wait, no I didn’t. But I should. I should also win this book. Then I will perhaps change my dog’s name from curry to Alice Waters.

    Comida y Olas

  16. November 28

    We have a lonely coffee table.

  17. Aidan
    November 28

    This would be a great present

    • November 28

      Two passions in one book!!! Art and food!!!

  18. R Shidla
    November 28

    This would be a wonderful addition to my coffee table.

  19. S Quade
    November 28

    YES! Yes please!!

  20. November 28

    One pf my absolute favorites. Can’t wait to see this book!

  21. Cathy
    November 28

    I have recently become obsessed with antique menu cards. This would be the perfect
    Addition to my meager collection

  22. November 28

    I adore her books, and would love to add this to my collection.

  23. November 28

    Very cool and generous! Would love to be the recipient of your generosity!

  24. Zoe
    November 28

    I am lucky enough to own a couple of books about Chez Panisse. if I score this one, I will be giving it to my dear friend and brilliant letterpress artist Ampersand Duck, and I will cook her a Chez Panisse-inspired dinner to boot 🙂 I owe her for the beautiful handmade books she has given our family. Her site is #notasponsoredpost #friendfan

  25. November 28

    Two passions in one book!! Food and art, how wonderful.

  26. Frank Ball
    November 28

    I have the perfect coffee table, steps away from a Alice Waters-inspired kitchen and a dining room that fancies itself Chez Panisse East.

  27. laura h
    November 28

    I’m in for a random drawing! 🙂

  28. Karen
    November 28

    What a wonderful giveaway! I take letterpress classes at the Center for the Book Arts whenever I can!

  29. tonya
    November 28

    Beautiful, Fantastic… a true gift!

  30. November 28

    I’m hoping this is 9 pm Mountain time?

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