Hasta La Vista, Phytate

The April Chronogram is out, and this time around I delve into the complex and surprising world of sprouts. I learned a great deal, and I suspect you will too, about the nutritional advantages to sprouting or fermenting all of the seeds we eat. There will be plenty more to say on this subject as I work to integrate more germination and fermentation into my daily culinary  routines.

Photo by Jennifer May
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  1. April 1

    Now you just need some Earth shoes and you’re all set, hippie.

  2. April 1

    Aw, yer just flirting with the botanist.

  3. Peter
    April 2

    Autumn: Interesting. Thanks for the link and for reading.

    Blanche: Coming from you that’s pretty hilarious. #breastmilksoap

    KaffeeKlatsch: No, she’s flirting with me.

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