This is what happens when kids don’t play enough video games.

Monsanto’s worst nightmare. Someone give the kid a TV show:

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  1. Kristie
    March 15

    Cannot WAIT to make my nugget a mouthpiece against Big Farma.

  2. March 15

    He moves his hands too much.

  3. March 15

    FANTASTIC! That kid is brillant, I hope more and more kids become aware. They are our future. He said all the right things! GOOD!

  4. Peter
    March 15

    Kristie: Your kid is going to play too many video games.

    Blanche: At least he doesn’t move his mouth when he reads, unlike some people I could mention.

    Nicole: I believe the children are the future. I’ve already shown Milo the video and asked him “Why can’t you be more like this kid?”

  5. March 15

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve shared it as well!

  6. March 15

    I think someone coached him on his hand gestures but forgot to tell him when not to use them. He’s a nifty kid, isn’t he? So poised and funny and genuine.

  7. Janet
    March 15

    He reminds me of a young Michael Ruhlman when he goes on a tear. Good on the kid!

  8. Peter
    March 15

    Scordo: Good. Everyone should see it.

    Zoomie: If I had been up on stage addressing a room full of adults about something like this at his age, I would have straight up shit my pants in terror. Everyone give him a break, already.

    Janet: He does at that.

  9. March 16

    LOVE this! Shared it all over the place already! I had my boys watching it with me…of course the little one just liked all the clapping, but the Bean understood a good portion of what he was talking about since it’s what I talk about all the time! Best part: Pay the farmer or pay the hospital.

    The farmer! The farmer!

    And yes, I can’t even imagine being a fraction as eloquent and composed as this kid was…even if I was only speaking to 5 adults.

  10. March 16

    I’m here via Food News Journal. Couldn’t resist your clever title.
    Excuse me as I go and arrange to have my kids pulled out of public school so I can homeschool them.

  11. Peter
    March 17

    Mo: That is the best line.

    Cindy: Ha! I think setting an example by cooking good food and teaching them about it can be enough. A garden helps.

  12. September 15

    Awesome memorizing skills! Excuse me, I am so busy I can barely feed my children regular food so, see you at the grocery store!!

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