This is what happens when kids don’t play enough video games.

Monsanto’s worst nightmare. Someone give the kid a TV show:

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  • Kristie

    Cannot WAIT to make my nugget a mouthpiece against Big Farma.

  • He moves his hands too much.

  • FANTASTIC! That kid is brillant, I hope more and more kids become aware. They are our future. He said all the right things! GOOD!

  • Peter

    Kristie: Your kid is going to play too many video games.

    Blanche: At least he doesn’t move his mouth when he reads, unlike some people I could mention.

    Nicole: I believe the children are the future. I’ve already shown Milo the video and asked him “Why can’t you be more like this kid?”

  • Thanks for sharing, I’ve shared it as well!

  • I think someone coached him on his hand gestures but forgot to tell him when not to use them. He’s a nifty kid, isn’t he? So poised and funny and genuine.

  • Janet

    He reminds me of a young Michael Ruhlman when he goes on a tear. Good on the kid!

  • Peter

    Scordo: Good. Everyone should see it.

    Zoomie: If I had been up on stage addressing a room full of adults about something like this at his age, I would have straight up shit my pants in terror. Everyone give him a break, already.

    Janet: He does at that.

  • Mo

    LOVE this! Shared it all over the place already! I had my boys watching it with me…of course the little one just liked all the clapping, but the Bean understood a good portion of what he was talking about since it’s what I talk about all the time! Best part: Pay the farmer or pay the hospital.

    The farmer! The farmer!

    And yes, I can’t even imagine being a fraction as eloquent and composed as this kid was…even if I was only speaking to 5 adults.

  • W.O.W.
    I’m here via Food News Journal. Couldn’t resist your clever title.
    Excuse me as I go and arrange to have my kids pulled out of public school so I can homeschool them.

  • Peter

    Mo: That is the best line.

    Cindy: Ha! I think setting an example by cooking good food and teaching them about it can be enough. A garden helps.

  • Awesome memorizing skills! Excuse me, I am so busy I can barely feed my children regular food so, see you at the grocery store!!

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