Fear And Trembling And Sushi

Friday I went down to have make lunch with for Claudia and her Mom and friend, and on my way home I stopped at the good fish market there and picked up some things. Among those things were some beautiful sushi-grade  yellowfin and opah and a small container of ikura. Other treats went in the freezer for another time. After the impromptu free catering gig, this stop was an excellent idea; there’s not much that I find more inspiring than gleamingly fresh seafood like this. I was most cheerful as I washed the rice.

While it cooled, I mandolined fennel and celery and kneaded them with salt per the now-usual salad routine. I love this combination, and the crunch is a lovely textural contrast to creamy raw fish. I dressed it with cider vinegar, a little miso, kabosu juice, and sesame oil. From a prep point of view, there’s not much else to report; I sliced the fish and made the sushi, arranging it on one of the slate roof tiles I upcycled last year from a pile I found in Vermont.

My technique is far from fine in the sushi department, but the result was still attractive enough, and tasted wonderful. I like the slate with my lead-colored bowls, too.

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  1. Janet
    February 14

    Lovely design, I like the reuse of slate tiles. I love Sushi.
    Sushi is one of those techniques, not hard to do, but hard to master. I had an Asian party a little while ago (before Christmas) where I did Sushi for appetizers, Miso soup, Chicken with Soba noodles with spicy vegetables. Come to think of it, it has been awhile since I’ve done this. I think the time has come around again. Thanks!

  2. February 14

    lunch was lovely and long overdue
    ethel was duly impressed
    but she lives a sheltered life

    damn if you don’t whine a lot…

  3. February 15

    Art on a plate. Or is that art on a slate. Either way. Art.

  4. Peter
    February 15

    Janet: For me, it’s my automatic impulse whenever I find fish that’s good enough.

    Claudia: Coming from you that’s hilarious.

    Zoomie: Nice to meet you, Art. And welcome back.

  5. February 16

    Nice work! Where do you buy such rise? We dont have it here can i use normal rise instead?

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