Winter Green

For this month’s Chronogram article, I took a look at four-season gardening on both a commercial and home-gardening scale. The basics are very simple, and all gardeners in cold climates should seriously consider simple season-extension to get much more food from their plots. There’s a culinary bonus, too; cold-weather crops taste better this time of year.

Photo by the not at all cold Jennifer May
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  1. January 5

    I really enjoyed this post and article, thank you for sharing it.

  2. I’m dying to give this a try. I look at hoop houses and row covers as if they were diamonds that glitter in the snow! Seriously, I am about ready to take the plunge and do this, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist and fear of snow load and wind (something that is a given here on the mountain), keeps me from taking the final step. I suspect that when I do, I’ll wonder why I did garden year ’round years ago!

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