Free Markets Solve Everything

This month’s Chronogram piece profiles a remarkable woman and her inspiring battle against hunger on several fronts. I was particularly taken with her passionate motivation to serve restaurant-quality food to those who cannot afford even to cook at home, and her astonishing gift for reaching out and collaborating with anybody in the community who can help her extend her mission into new areas.

If you’re looking for some charities as you make your year-end plans, take a few minutes to research local pantries and soup kitchens. If you’re reading this, you probably care about food a great deal. Do what you can to help your neighbors eat as well as you do. If you’re able, donate money to the people who are able to leverage it into far more food than you could. And if you do donate food, make a note of something Diane said to me, which I didn’t include in the article: “It’s amazing, the crap that some people bring to food drives. They’re not trying to give good food, they’re just cleaning out their cupboards.”

Photo by Jennifer May
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  1. Peter
    December 2

    Give her a call- the number is on their website.

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