Mud And Fire

I managed to log a fair amount of studio time over the last couple of months, and here’s some of what I did. I’m trying to divide my time between making more of existing designs and trying new things, so there’s a bit of both here. I’m going to start selling some of these via Etsy in the near future for anyone who’s interested; look for a post with a link when I get that together. Anybody who can’t wait can email me.

For starters, I made 10 more of the flower cups:

There’s a pink glaze under the inside blue around the lip, giving them a nice blush. For something new, these bowls are about the same size but a little thicker:

I made 8 more of the petal bowls, like the serving dish in the inaugural post:

And 8 of these yellow hexagonal plates (about 6″ across) with triangular feet. The creamy yellow is the happy result of layering two glazes:

Lots more espresso/sake cups:

And these sort of boatlike dishes, between 6″-8″ long. This combination of glazes is really effective:

And last, another of the geodesic teapots, but this time painted with three colors in a pattern that might ring a bell with those familiar with my recent drawings:

There’s more on deck, and another kiln firing this week I hope. Start making your holiday gift lists now.

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  1. October 7

    That geodesic paint job looks painstaking. I love the boat dish above that – that glaze is GORGEOUS. I hope you get very rich on your Etsy sales.

  2. October 8

    Painstaking indeed! Ouch. I really like the boat dish too. And I note there’s not a spun piece in there: are you still planning on getting your mom’s wheel? Flatwork is a lot less aggravating though, so…great work!

  3. Peter
    October 30

    Blanche: Get rich or die firin’.

    El: No wheel work yet. Need much practice.

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