Oh Yeah

We went to a potluck birthday on Saturday, and among other things this is what I made to bring. Last summer I came up with a coconut borscht using Thai curry flavors, and it worked pretty well. This time around I made the same thing, but using smoked chicken stock as well as a couple of other additions. Do yourselves a favor and make this as soon as you can.

I cooked the beets in the stock with coconut milk, a bit of green curry paste, yuzu kosho, lime leaves, Thai basil, galangal, and ginger until soft, then blended it all together and strained it into another pot. It needed acid, so I added raspberry vinegar and a shake of nam pla for depth. Then I chilled it and served it in small cups with a slice of cayenne pepper and thyme flowers on top (though there’s borage and no chili in this shot). Cold, spicy, creamy, sweet, earthy, lightly smoky–with a glass of cold Riesling it’s a perfect summer starter.

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  1. cook eat FRET

    there are no words to express how amazing that sounds. i'd say like a party in your mouth but that's just too stupid…

  2. Heather

    I just picked a shitload of borage flowers to make my own boragecello. It'll be like cucumber vodka, only sweeter.

  3. Zoomie

    Big borscht fan here. Send me some.

  4. Julia

    I'm not sure if I could whip this right up, but I wish I could. It look delicious and beautiful, isn't that what we all want?

  5. We Are Never Full

    very very pretty (flowers as GARNISH??! wha-wha-what!?) and sounds extremely refreshing. plus, i freaking love that glass – me wants.

  6. peter

    Claudia: Try it!

    Blanche: Can't you do better than "boragecello?" It sounds like something an early music geek would play.

    Zoomie: Alas, it is all gone.

    Julia: Sure you can. Use regular chicken stock if you don't have smoked.

    Amy: The glasses were my Grandfather's; he collected antique etched glass.

  7. AnotherJaneDoe

    Gorgeous. If you wouldn't mind sharing a recipe with the site, we'd love to feature it. See what you think: http://www.intothesoup.com. We just did a radio program on foodbloggers and it was a lot of fun. Props for what you do!

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