I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday

A pretty standard burger, though with minced homemade prosciutto and fresh herbs added in. On top, a sautéed mixture of maitake mushrooms and mustard greens. I didn’t make the bun, or the ketchup. I’m sick, so that’s all you get for today, you slavering jackals.

3 comments to I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday

  • The Spiteful Chef

    You get noodle soup most days of the week, but when you're sick you crave burgers? You're an enigma, Peter.

  • Zoomie

    Ha! Love the slavering jackals remark. Get better soon.

  • peter

    Kristie: I have a ferocious craving for burgers and junk food when I'm sick.

    Zoomie: It came to me in a fever dream.

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