Not bad for a first try. It came out a little salty, because I forgot about it and left it on the cure for a week. Next time I think 4 days will be about right.

Now I just have to go the the deli and get them to slice it like this- it’s just too much work to keep doing it by hand. Isn’t it pretty? It almost makes me want to make stained-meat windows, except that it’s too tasty.

5 comments to Bresaola

  • Jen of A2eatwrite

    What curing process did you use?

  • cookiecrumb

    Not bad, indeed!!!

  • Peter M

    It's a beautiful thing…will you grant us the recipe?

  • peter

    Jen (and Peter): Salt, a little sugar, garlic, thyme, juniper, pepper, and rosemary. Packed in a glass dish, covered, and turned every day to redistribute the cure. Many books call for pink salt, but I didn't use it.

    CC: Next time will be better, but this doesn't suck. I had it for lunch, wrapped around cornichons.

  • We Are Never Full

    oh hell yeah. i would totally love some meat stained glass windows in my place – i'd prob. eat it as well. maybe meat curtains instead?

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