Special Guest Chef!

I spent all day in the woodshop building crates for a couple of pieces destined for Chicago, so my lovely wife obligingly made a perfect dinner for us. It was pretty incredibly great to have dinner ready when I came down from showering. Honestly, I have to say that she roasts a better chicken than I do; she does the thing where she stuffs garlic and herbs under the skin- as well as in the cavity- so the flavors suffuse the whole bird. (I usually do the thing where I don’t.)

With brown rice and steamed broccoli, plus her version of green mash (which is much heavier on the lemon than mine) and some gravy which I whipped up at the last minute, this was pretty much as good as home cooking gets. The mash takes the other flavors to a magical place; the bitter-tangy-green just throws everything else into such sharp relief. There is nothing it doesn’t make better. Run, don’t walk, to buy a suribachi and some bitter green seeds.

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