Land Sushi

One of the advantages of cooking meat sous-vide is the ability to get a bunch of other things done without risking overcooking- especially since I like my meat on the rare side. So I took a NY strip steak of Piemonte beef, seasoned it very simply with salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic, sealed it, dropped it in the bath at 54˚ C and forgot about it until it was time to serve dinner. While it was doing its thing, I was able to get some 10-grain mix into the rice cooker, make a quick wine reduction with soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and a little agave syrup, and prepare some garnishes. I also sautéed some chard, since we had to dig up the last of the winter chard to make room for the rest of this year’s nightshades: peppers (hot and sweet) and eggplants.

And that was about it; we also picked some parsley and galia endive from the doomed bed and I made a little green mash out of those, plus garlic, an ume plum, and copious olive oil. There is nothing that goes with red meat quite like green mash. And kids love to help make it in the suribachi. Since there was time to do things like brown chard stems and wild garlic in a bit of butter, and then wilt chives in same, I assembled it all into sushi- but in a pinch, it could have easily been served as meat, grains, greens and sauce on a plate. I just get off on the refined presentation, because then each bite has the requisite proportion of all the flavors, and it’s delicious before you even have the first bite.

To accompany, a 2003 Jaboulet Vaqueyras, which for $20 is one of our go-to wines; it’s leathery, substantial yet light on its feet, and has plenty of tannin for meat. There’s enough fruit in there to handle wine reductions, and it evolves really nicely over the course of an evening. Having bought out the local store, I’m now officially sad that there may be no more for us to enjoy.

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  1. Heather
    May 20

    Would that be good with a bolognese? I want past with meat sauce so bad, and like to toss a glass of wire into the sauce (for safekeeping).

  2. Heather
    May 21

    Also, I gave you a shout-out at my joint. Scored some nettles like I said I would!

  3. cook eat FRET
    May 22

    breathtakingly beautiful
    so am i going to have to buy a sous vide cooker thing

  4. Brittany
    May 24

    Look how purty that is! And healthy too.

    BTW- it’s true about Heather’s shout out. I saw it. You’re like, famous now.

  5. Zoomie
    May 24

    Beautiful presentation again! Your food is as gorgeous as your ideas for cooking!

  6. We Are Never Full
    May 25

    this is super creative! delish…

  7. peter
    May 25

    Heather: Thanks for the link, etc. I’m glad you’re discovering the wonderful world of nettles.

    Claudia: Two words: E Bay.

    Brittany: I know. It’s amazing that I’m even answering your comment.

    Zoomie: Thanks…

    Amy: Delish it was.

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