Clean & Simple

Chick peas soaked and simmered with coconut milk and spices. Roasted potatoes with thyme and garlic. Fresh-picked kale wilted with shallots and lemon juice. Cucumber salad with baby shiso.

Humble, cleansing food that encourages reflection. I enjoy these meals as much as I do the decadent ones; it’s important to pare down sometimes and appreciate the basics. As fun as it is to get complicated and fancy, I need to be reminded sometimes that this blog is not the boss of me.

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  1. Brittany
    May 28

    Are your turning into a vegan pacifist on us?

    But really, looks quite delicious and cleansing indeed!

  2. peter
    May 29

    Not at all, though I do try to eat this way at least once a week. It’s easier in the warm weather.

  3. cook eat FRET
    May 29

    this is what i want for dinner tonight. as usual, the presentation is as wonerful as i’m sure the food tastes.

    yes, cooking for the blog…
    how well, i know?

    and why do we do this?
    ah yes – the fame and fortune…

  4. Heather
    May 30

    Hey, I cook honest hippie food too, I just don’t talk about it. (^-^)

    (I made fried “rice” with leftover quinoa and ham for dinner tonight.)

  5. peter
    May 30

    I usually leave this kind of meal out, since it’s not that interesting, but I thought it would be a nice complement to the fancier fare.

    There’s an inevitable bacon-and-sugar peer pressure I feel when I read food blogs; I just wanted to reel it in a little.

  6. cookiecrumb
    May 30

    Hey, damn, there’s one of your chive flowers. Pretty.
    I’d like to eat that plate of food.

  7. peter
    May 30

    CC: That’s because you’re a hippie.

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