I got home this evening after a quick round trip to Boston, which was productive but involved far too much driving in too short a time. Fortunately we had some good stuff in the fridge, and I did manage to get a piece of fish on the way home. I combined the rest of the turnip soup with some kale Christine puréed with ricotta while I was gone to make a good green sauce. I made shiitake fried rice. I broiled salmon with salt, pepper, and dried sudachi zest. I thought about making a blood orange reduction. The green sauce wept. We ate. I went to bed.

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  1. We Are Never Full
    April 11

    wicked ah-some! love this creative ‘throw it together meal’. that rice looks fabu.

  2. peter
    April 11

    Claudia: Sudachi zest. It’s like yuzu.

    If I had any xanthan gum, I would have added a bit to stop the weeping. Or I could have strained it a little to even out the consistency.

    Amy: The rice was good; there wasn’t enough leftover to make by itself, but mixed with the caramelized mushrooms it was just right.

  3. Heather
    April 11

    Yeah, you hafta squeeze the life out of greens after they’re steamed to keep this from happening.

    I picked up some xantham gum when I got the sy lecithin for my coconut foam – have yet to try it out.

  4. peter
    April 11

    Start with .1% xanthan gum by weight; shear it in with a blender or similar . Add tiny amounts more if that doesn’t do it.

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