Love For Sale

Before I went into the studio this morning, I spun a sweet potato through the saladacco and then marinated the “noodles” in a dressing of peanut butter, lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, nam pla, garlic chives, rice vinegar, ginger, and agave nectar. I figured it would go well with and help influence whatever ended up being dinner. Which was BBQ chicken. So I gave some big whole legs the espresso rub, and whipped up a saucepan full of the insane sauce that’s so good that it keeps my wife married to me. (I will sell you the recipe for both rub and sauce for a thousand dollars.)

Our various hardy winter greens are nominating themselves for dinner as they flower, and in so doing opening up valuable bed space for turning and planting. Today’s winner was the red Russian kale- a perennial favorite, for both flavor and performance- which got a mindlessly simple sautée with garlic and mirin. The sweet potato-as-green papaya salad was nice and soft and fragrant. The chicken, while definitely not pork, was pretty ridiculously good: just shy of burnt skin suffused with rub and slathered with sauce, balanced by tender greens, tangy spud slaw, and grated root pickles, and complemented by a 2005 Mas de Gourgonnier rosé from near my old stomping grounds in Provence. Plus a jelly jar of extra sauce. Did I mention the sauce? I give this stuff out for Christmas presents and get twitchy emails a month later fake-casually asking if I have any left, or maybe if I spilled some on the floor and haven’t mopped lately.

It’s that good, people. A thousand bucks. Is that so much to pay for possible world domination (or at least happy matrimony?)

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  1. Geek Dave
    April 23

    As usual, the dish tempts beyond imagining.
    I need to plant a garden, a small one, but a garden none the less.
    Hope all is well with you, Peter.

  2. cookiecrumb
    April 23

    Oh, *that* kind of rub.
    I figger a thousand bucks is worth the other kinda.

  3. Zoomie
    April 23

    I want the sauce. I want the rub. I don’t have $1K. Please take pity on us and post the recipe!

  4. cook eat FRET
    April 24

    i have a saladacco – i have all of that there stuff for the sweet potato…

    now peter. we need to talk, ok? food is for sharing. food is not for being secretive. one should never take ownership of a recipe.

    spread the bbq sauce love, god damnit.

    i neeeeeeed to know. especially since we shall most likely never meet and i’m not on your chanukah list…

  5. peter
    April 24

    Dave: All is well. Gardens are good. Imagine there’s a chicken…

    CC: The one leads to the other.

    Zoomie and Claudia: It’s a JOKE. I don’t use recipes. It’s different every time (yet somehow, always pupil-dilatingly good.)

    And Heather rightly pointed out that there is value to having a few trademark secret specialties.

    Someday I’ll make it for you and you can reverse-engineer your own versions of it.

  6. Zoomie
    April 25

    If you can’t post the recipe, how about the ingredients so we can work on it ourselves…? C’mon, be a guy!

  7. cook eat FRET
    April 25

    what zoomie said

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